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Summer is the time to save on propane. 

NOW is the time to buy your propane for the winter. Take advantage of low summer pricing with our Pre-Buy Program. Learn more below about our options and enroll today!


Propane Delivery

At Coombs Gas, we know that one size doesn’t fit all. With flexible purchase and delivery options, let us provide the propane that your family or business needs.


more than propane

You may know our propane delivery service, but did you know that we also carry a variety of propane and natural gas products? We offer a wide selection of fireplaces, gas appliances, and water heaters as well as professional delivery and installation.


Not only can you buy those gas logs you need from Coombs Gas, but we’ll deliver and install them too. Find out more about our service and installation options.


It’s Grillin’ Season!


Are you ready? Coombs Gas now has a full line of Weber gas and charcoal grills in addition to our cookers and fryers.  We’re even offering a free grill bottle fill up with your purchase!


A Family Tradition

Coombs Gas has been providing propane gas to our customers since 1969. Family-owned and operated, we’ve proudly served our customers in Mississippi and Tennessee for three generations.

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